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Mesh Welding Plants from coil

A completely automatic and electronically-programmable plant for the production of special electrowelded mesh panels used typically in the prefabrication industry. Within a single mesh panel the line-wires (up to 8 metres) and also the cross-wires (up to 4 metres) may have a variety of lengths, diameters and spacings/pitch. It is therefore possible to produce any form (with its predetermined holes, windows or openings) within the limits of the maximum dimensions specified and the availability of weldable wire of the different diameters from coil. The straightening is guaranteed by the use of two multi-line hyperbolic rotor units, (for the 6 line-wires and the 4 cross-wires) one of which employing a completely automatic diameter-change unit. A buffer unit allows the preparation and stockpiling of the line-wires.

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