Programming and managing projects

Docente: Andrea Marino Cerrato (MEPBS & ICT Director - MEP S.p.A.)

The first and primary challenge of project management is to reach the pre-established objectives, while respecting the imposed constraints, such as cost, time, purpose (in terms of quality, too). The second challenge is represented by the optimization of resource-allocation, to guarantee the right input to reach the final goal. Both these challenges need to be faced, solving at the same time the problems that may arise along the way. 


Innovative solutions to corporate criticalities

Docente: Personale esterno.

The very concept of "problem" has undergone several transformations over time, ranging from mathematics and physics, to integrated scientific knowledge, art, litterature, history and philosophy. Therefore, problem solving is the most complex among all cognitive functions, and it is represented by the ability to find a solution to any kind of problem. An effective problem solver is able to face any criticality along the way, finding a the best solution to reach the pre-established objectives. In the modern organization the problem solver's activity becomes the first engine for innovation. 


Team building and communication in innovation-driven businesses

Docente: Dott. Michele Popolani

As technology becomes more and more pervasive, the importance of being able to understand and manage teamwork increases drastically. Progress and innovation are only possible through a continuous improvement of competences and skills; likewise, value creation becomes possible only through an in-depth understanding on how to succesfully manage production flows. Communication, management and leadership techniques represent the link between the role of people and the production processes. 


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