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Stock Bar stirrup machine

The F13 BAR is the world’s most innovative, fully automated, “stock-bar” stirrup bending machine. 
This automation delivers the highest flexibility, productivity, quality and safety of the finished product.
It is able to work from bars with a diameter from 8 to 13 mm and lengths ranging from 2 to 18 m (*).
It allows to produce shapes and stirrups bidirectionally in 2D or 3D, straight or shaped bars with one or more bends on one side, radius or rings.

The F13 BAR is the first machine of its kind to use 100% of the stock bar length, without generating additional waste due to off-cuts. 
If enabled, the “random” function allows to consume mixed pieces of different unknown length bars or left over waste bars coming directly from steel mills.
The fully automated process allows to reduce the industrial costs per ton, thanks to the use of fewer machines and operators.

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Ringmaterial / Stangenmaterial

Verarbeitbare Durchmesser mit einem Draht
Ø 8 - Ø 13 mm
# 2 - # 4

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