The Natural Shape


category: MEP Business School

Taking advantage of the recent change of season that transfigures the passing of time in the landscape that surrounds us, we would like to share the video presentation of our 2023 MEP Calendar, dedicated this year to the shapes of Nature, in particular, to those forged by water, the primordial element from which everything comes and in which everything is regenerated.

Through this short movie, we want to celebrate the steps made by our working group which, for some years now and over the course of time marked by our Calendar, has been trying to encompass MEP’s technology with one of the various faces of Corporate Sustainability .

This year we want to focus on the surprising similarity between the technological forms conceived by Man and the ancestral forms created by Nature, to remember the untruth of the paradigm that wants one to be opposed to the other and how impactful the desire to keep these two sides of the same coin separated can be...