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Electrical Designer

Skills required:

  • Minimum experience already acquired in this role.

  • Knowledge of the standards that regulate machine manufacturers, including the machine directive but above all EN60204 which is specific for the electrical part on machines

  • Knowledge of electrical drawing based on IDEA® by Electrographics

  • Teamwork skills

  • Knowledge of the basic elements of Inverter and Drive Bruschless programming of the major manufacturers

  • Knowledge of programming safety modules such as PILZ®, REER® etc.

Main tasks:

  • design of the electrical systems of MEP machines

  • programming and verification of the safety program

  • supervision of the design phases, ensuring the correct execution of the project or any necessary changes

  • as regards prototypes, support and assistance to testers in the testing and verification phases.

The resource will be included in a structured training and development path within the MEP Business School, with the possibility of growth within a multinational industrial group. 
The company, known worldwide as an Italian excellence since 1966, registered its first patent in 1967; it is also recognized as such by various Italian and international institutes and authorities with flattering ratings, A ++ (from "Le Fonti Awards" to the Italian Competition Authority and Moody's).
The offer is open to all candidates, the selection will be made only on the basis of merit and demonstrated skills, without any preference or discrimination.
Pursuant to art.1 of law 903/77, this post is addressed at both sexes.
The salary is in line with the candidate's experience; reimbursement of all travel expenses and related allowance are granted.
Full-time employment contract. CCNL Metalworkers Industry.

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