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COIL ∅8 - ∅16 mm

BITRONICs are the ultimate technological expression in the field of automatic wire straightening machines, allowing them to produce straight bars cut to length up to 21 m (*).

High versatility and productivity

Available in different configurations, the BITRONIC can process wire in coil diameters from 8 to 16 mm. Their high productivity makes them ideal for both series production (with two wires up to 13 mm diameter) and single element processing (up to 16 mm diameter).

Customisation and automation for the most specific needs

The BITRONIC plants can be configured and customised with a wide range of devices to meet the most diverse production requirements, guaranteeing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. The complete modularity and high level of automation available in the various versions allow the production of cut-to-length bars to be managed fully automatically, optimising production flows according to specific needs.

Dynamic management and intelligent process control

The work cycle can be dynamically managed by automation (optional), allowing individual positions ('tags') to be monitored and optimised in real time, whether the bars are already completed or awaiting processing. This intelligent system allows maximum versatility in the setting of work lists, ensuring maximum productivity and minimising machine downtime.

Safety, ergonomics and excellent performance

The complete production process is handled automatically, providing the operator with a safe and ergonomic working environment. A state-of-the-art drive and control system ensures unparalleled levels of productivity per hour, completely eliminating manual operations and optimising the work cycle continuously.

Superior quality and reduction of scrap

The BITRONICs make it possible to obtain a higher quality product simply and efficiently. The combined action of a series of patented devices drastically reduces set-up times and the amount of waste, optimising material utilisation and minimising production costs.

Precise control and automatic adjustments

In the BITRONIC 16/2, the control of the lengths of the straightened wires is entrusted to individual actuators acting on the 'contrast rollers' opposite the feeding roller. The operator can vary the pressure independently on each wire directly from the control panel, obtaining the necessary corrections to achieve the required tolerance. Adjustment data is automatically stored, allowing the system to quickly reconfigure itself when changing coil, using previously saved settings.

Pre-feeding unit for fluid feeding

The pre-feeding unit available on the BITRONIC 16/2 is equipped with a motorised roller that can be operated manually. This device facilitates the feeding of new coils (from the machine entrance to the AFS feeding unit) and the extraction of the processed coil tails.

The BITRONIC straighteners offer a complete, state-of-the-art solution for the production of cut-to-length straight bars, guaranteeing maximum productivity, flexibility, quality and safety.

Notes: (*) Other sizes on request

Bitronic 16-2


COIL ∅8 - ∅16 mm

AFS 3 (Advanced Feeding System) Generation III

• The control of the feeding of the two wires independently

• Actuators for control of straightened wires lengths

• Cut to size up to 21 m (*)

• Portable straightening device (optional)

• Winch (optional)

• Pre-feeding group

• Automatic squaring device (optional)

• Automatic tying and collection (optional)

• Automatic tagging machine (optional)

• Centralised greasing system

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