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Cut System


BAR ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

For the production of cut-to-length bars with maximum efficiency and flexibility, the CUT SYSTEM 40 series cutting plants are the ideal solution.

Cutting capacity:

  • Bar diameter: 10 mm (#3) to 40 mm (#14)

  • Bar length: up to 18 m (60') (on request)

  • Cutting speed: up to 4 m/s (*)


  • Multiple variants available to adapt to different production requirements

  • Automatic management of collecting, tying and shaping systems

  • Dynamic and optimisable work cycle

High productivity:

  • Reduction of industrial costs per tonne

  • Maximum productivity thanks to optimised sequence management


  • Fully automatic work cycle (optional)

  • Active control of the production process for each individual position

  • High versatility in setting work lists


  • Elimination of manual material movement

  • Operator in total safety

Advantages of the CUT SYSTEM 40:

  • Precise and fast cutting

  • Flexibility to adapt to any production requirement

  • Maximum productivity and cost reduction

  • Fully automatic and safe working cycle

  • High customisation to meet specific needs

CUT SYSTEM 40 is the ideal choice for companies requiring an efficient, flexible and productive bar cutting system.

(*) The data may vary depending on the quality of the rebar used.

Cut System 40


BARS ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

• The automatic "patented" bars loader

Double bars up to ∅22 mm (#7)

• Automatic alignment of each individual bar

• The patented "Multifunctional Feeding" method for bar advancement

• Pressure control on the 2 bars individually

2 shears for maximum precision

• Management of scrap according to its length

• “Patented” stationary bundle storage ABSR (Active Bar Stock Racks)

AOR "patented" optimization station (Active Optimization Racks)

• Tying and tagging units for the product bundles

Multiradius shaping and calendering units or Multisystem 2D and 3D shaping units

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