CT 12


CT is a bar cutting system designed to offer robustness, reliability, and maximum versatility. Its compact configuration makes it ideal for integration into multiple production contexts.

Main features:

  • Precise cut-to-size: The electromechanical shear ensures a clean and precise cut of the bars, with the possibility of simultaneously cutting multiple pieces.

  • Versatility: The compact configuration of the CT makes it easily adaptable to different space requirements.

  • Automatic measurement system (Optional): The "feeding carriage" automatically positions the bars on the roller conveyor, ensuring maximum cutting accuracy.

  • Manual alignment: A manual alignment system allows for accurate positioning of the bars before cutting.

  • Automatic repositioning system: At the end of each cutting cycle, the system automatically repositions itself for the next operation.

Electromechanical shear C 40:

The heart of the CT system is the C 40 electromechanical shear, designed to guarantee high performance and durability. Its robustness allows you to cut multiple bars simultaneously, optimizing production times.

The CT bar cutting system is the ideal solution for companies that need a precise, reliable, and versatile system for processing custom-made bars. Its compact configuration, combined with its high performance, makes it a valuable investment for multiple industrial sectors.

CT 12


  • Precise and reliable cutting

  • Blade width 90 mm (3,54’)

  • Automatic measurement system (optional) for maximum precision

  • Manual alignment for accurate bar positioning

  • Automatic repositioning system to optimize cycle times

  • Robust and performing electromechanical shear

  • Compact configuration for high versatility

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