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BAR ∅8 - ∅13 mm

F13 BAR is the world's most innovative automatic stirrup bender machine.

The highest flexibility, productivity and quality

  • The F13 BAR revolutionizes the automatic stirrup bending industry, ensuring maximum production flexibility and the creation of superior quality finished products through the fully automated use of bars.

Unmatched production capabilities

  • Produce bidirectional stirrups, bars with bends, circles, and 2D and 3D shapes

  • Utilize 100% of the bar length, generating no waste

  • Employ the "RANDOM" function for pre-cut bars or production scraps

Stirrups of every shape and size

  • Automatically create stirrups of any size, straightened or bent bars, circles, and spirals, ensuring maximum operator safety.

Patented cutting device for 3D stirrups

  • Rapidly and efficiently produce 3D stirrups, eliminating manual intervention and optimizing production and quality.

Powerful and versatile cutting unit

  • Cutting unit with a universal blade shear suitable for cutting bars of any diameter, featuring 4 cutting profiles for extended durability.

Uncompromising productivity

  • Fully automate all processing stages, optimizing production times and minimizing waste.

Automatic stock bar storage system

  • Single or double automatic magazine and automatic loader (optional) for a continuous and optimised work cycle.

"TFS" (Track Feeding System) for precise control

  • Precisely control the bar's rotational effect, ensuring closed stirrups with maximum precision and safety.

Safety and ease of use

  • Worktop design with a lower folding shelf and active protection systems ensure maximum operator safety.

Efficient stirrup collection

  • Stirrup collectors with oscillating arms or optional conveyor belts (optional) enable safe and efficient stirrups collection and transfer.

Stock bar stirrup machine F13 BAR is the ideal choice for companies seeking an automatic stirrup bender that guarantees maximum flexibility, productivity, and product quality.

F13 BAR 3D


BAR ∅8 - ∅13 mm

• Automatic bar loader

TFS – Track Feeding System

• Zero scrap

3D device

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