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BAR ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

The complete solution for the production of rings, stirrups, shaped and curved elements with clockwise and anticlockwise bends.

Maximum flexibility and productivity:

  • It produces bars with diameters from 10 to 36 mm and lengths up to 18 m.

  • It produces stirrups, shapes with multiple bends and large rings.

  • Patented “Multiradius” system for curving with single or multiple radii.

  • High productivity also for single element production.

Guaranteed safety and quality:

  • Ergonomic and safe working ambience.

  • Reduction of scrap thanks to precision and repeatability of processes.

  • Unique automation system for unrivalled productivity.

Key features:

  • Automatic loader: for a continuous and optimised work cycle.

  • Bundle management: with independent lifting and support storage.

  • Automatic bar aligment and feeding: with precise counting system.

  • Universal clamps: for transferring, clamping and releasing bars.

  • Shaping of bars ± 180°: with clockwise and anticlockwise bends.

  • Quick pins change: in seconds and with ''mono-bloc'' design.

  • Automatic bar unloading: on customisable collection stations.

MULTIRADIUS BEND 40 is the ideal choice for the production of high-quality metal elements with maximum efficiency.

Multiradius BEND 40


BAR ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

  • Fully automatic production.

  • Reducing industrial costs.

  • 2 independent moving heads for fast and precise operations, ideal for multiple bends on both sides of the shaped product.

  • Processing bars of different sizes.

  • Shape forming the bars with clockwise and counterclockwise bending angles up to ± 180°.

  • Curving with single or multiple bending radii and large circles automatically.

  • Elimination of manual operations and optimisation of the work cycle.

  • Patented quality and productivity.

  • Automatic loader optional.

  • Bundle management, automatic bar alignment and feeding.

  • Ergonomic and safe working ambient.

  • Latest generation of drives and controls.

  • Possibility of customising collection stations.

  • Software for bends with variable bending radius.

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