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The PRATICA 240 makes it possible to produce cages of any shape and size with a higher quality than traditional methods.


  • Fast and safe assembly: a single operator can perform all process steps, from setting and loading the stirrups/ bars to welding them, quickly and safely.

  • Compact dimensions: the compact configuration facilitates placement within the production area, reducing space requirements and associated costs.

  • Ease of use: preparation times are short thanks to the machine's ease of use.

  • Versatility: cages can be made with small or large rings and straight or shaped bars.

  • Precision: the two 'universal groove templates' allow the positioning and support of stirrups with a minimum pitch of 25 mm, guaranteeing high precision in cage construction.

  • Ergonomics: the operator can work ergonomically thanks to the longitudinal bar support system that eliminates physical strain.

  • Safety: the complete assembly process takes place in total safety, eliminating risks for the operator.

Assembling process:

  • Setting and loading the stirrups: the operator positions the ''mobile grooved template'' at the required distance and inserts the cylindrical ''indicator pins'' to secure the stirrups.

  • Insertion of the longitudinal bars: the bars are positioned and welded or tied manually.

  • Completing the cage: the next bars are inserted until the cage is complete.

  • Cage evacuation: the completed cage is lifted up and safely out of the machine.

The PRATICA 240 is a versatile, efficient and safe solution for producing cages of all shapes and sizes. Its ease of use, precision and ergonomics make it an ideal machine for companies requiring a flexible and productive assembly system.

Pratica 240


  • Flexibility: produce cages of any shape and size with small or large stirrups, rings and straight or shaped bars.

  • Rapidity and safety: one operator performs all steps quickly and safely.

  • Accuracy: minimum pitch of 25 mm for stirrups positioning.

  • Ergonomics: longitudinal bar support system for comfortable working.

  • Ease of use: quick set-up time and simple operation.

  • Compactness: small dimensions for simple positioning in the production area.

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