COVID-19 - The legacy of the crisis in social, economic and regulatory models


category: MEP Business School

The idea of Vito Rotondi, Chief Executive Officer of MEP is that "... the ancient debate between John Maynard Keynes, whose theories saved the world from the 1929 crisis, and Frederic von Hayek, according to whom those same theories were used only during crises, still inspires nowadays the principle that it is crucial to support Demand, Investments and Competences of the Companies through a public industrial policy, too. All the States in the World are aware of that, everyone will do it! This will be the right contribution to save Work (with a capital W), the one Sigmund Freud talks about in “Lieben und Arbeiten”, Love and Work, fundamental and essential elements of existence. Hence, the concept of Corporate life (with a capital C), which is far beyond continuity.That is why MEP is a Cognitive Company, which lives and teaches Work and loves the Work that learns continuously!"

The company, as a structured organization that allows to do business, is pure energy. Indeed, it is a living entity. It is a system that thrives on entropy. Furthermore, there is a flow of data within the company’s organization, a real cognitive flow, oriented towards the reproduction and conservation of the value chain, displaying structures dedicated to production, process optimization, archiving, employment and improvement of its own know-how.


There is life within the company. Knowledge, feeling and awareness are spread. Everyday. The so-called intangible value is derived from life and work. It cannot be measured, but it can be verified. The interaction within the company creates this value. And today, much more than it did yesterday, it happens at distance rather than physically. A change has occurred. A new motion of energy has taken place. One to one, towards and within the company. Towards a new balance, a new entropy, which can uplift us all. Aiming for even higher quality. Quality of what? Of work, and of relationships as well. Historical concurrence leads us to be more reflective and intuitive. Our cognitive and emotional structures are tested, as perhaps we never would have thought. This alone can represent a challenge to be overcome, in order to create a better environment, through a digital professional development: for an Enterprise Cognitive Engine.

The MEP Business School MBS, thanks to the Rector Andrea Marino Cerrato “coined its didactic, human, real and digital, sentimental and material essence. Through the MBS, the Company has experienced work and love for learning, which translates into an innovative paradigm, namely: the Enterprise Cognitive Engine. Living both individual and collective dedication and dignity in belonging to the Company has become an essential element of work and love - claims Rotondi - within Governance, Ethics, Development, Technology, efficient and competitive Management, Business, with a new cognitive energy. We are all and we all create MEP's Enterprise Cognitive Engine every day, with pride and trust”.

"The cognitive engine of the Enterprise that is embodied within the Business School’s activities - states Marino Cerrato - must be able to answer the question that Marc Andreessen is asking the current system of doing business: what are we building today? The Business School must be a catalyst of imagination and the source of a creative challenge to reach the result; it must be able to remember, archive and exploit the current state of the company’s processes, indicating their potential evolution, improving and striving to overcome our self-imposed boundaries, maybe due to inertia or habit, which have contributed to some extent to the outline of the uncertain spaces that characterize the present. It must be considered a Motor, in entropic terms - Marino Cerrato continues - improving its ability and efficiency to anticipate the future by transforming the present. "