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This is the first of many interviews about the various experiences that have impacted and still impact our company during the Covid-19 emergency. The transformations that the Organization has undergone, testing its resilience on a daily basis, will be described by Dr. Schenetti’s accurate journalistic sensitivity and presented thanks to the collaboration with our MEP Business School, to testify to our Values and Identity, guiding the necessary change without losing the great intangible heritage of knowledge, competence, humanity and sustainability of Our Enterprise.
We are therefore proud to share the very first meeting with Dr. Rotondi, CEO and Managing Director of MEP SpA
To successfully deal with what is happening these days, a lot of wisdom is needed. The great Seneca taught us that. The Roman philosopher defines the greatness of an individual’s mind on the basis of her/his ability to endure the difficulties of existence with wisdom and serenity. All this requires a demanding and profound path towards the rediscovery of one's inner strength. A path that can lead to the serene acceptance of the events of life. To do this, deep self-knowledge, self-control, ataraxia and detachment from material things are needed. The stoic sage is imperturbable, in complete control of her/himself. As Epitteto states, he wants what happens to happen, rather than what he desires. The sage is unshakable, she/he remains unperturbed in spite of what comes from the outside, no longer experiencing any turmoil of the soul. Indeed, these traits are used today to do business, too: to operate in adverse conditions.Seneca in his writings constantly encourages us to reflect on our inner life, on our soul. He teaches us that it is the quality of our existence that counts, not the quantity. He means the quality of our soul, of our inner existence. The quality of our days depends precisely on the state of the soul, which must be the starting point to heal our existence, too often excruciatingly wounded by the events. The value-identity of MEP today is based on wisdom and discipline as self-control, as Seneca indicates, but also as self-esteem, courage, fortitude in doing our job every day, within the context of the “hyper-family” a big business can be.The interview with MEP's CEO, Vito Rotondi, retraces these values, starting precisely from wisdom.

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Stay tuned....the next interview to the MBS's Headmaster will come up soon!