Let's start 2022 with the first ESG Sustainability Report!



MEP Group is proud to start the new year with the SA8000 Certification, concluding a path that started at the beginning of 2021 and ended at the end of the same.
The SA8000: 2014 - Social Accountability standard (relating to Corporate Social Responsibility) represents the international reference model for the development, in the workplace, of best practices relating to the following topics:

• Protection and respect for human rights;
• Health and Safety at Work;
• Protection of workers' rights;
• Fight against child exploitation;

This Certification, a further step that MEP firmly wanted to take along the path of perpetual improvement of its corporate welfare and infrastructure, does not represent a definitive goal, but an advanced level of development, also in accordance with the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, of those same humanitarian values ​​that MEP itself has always considered identifying and founding.

On that occasion, the "RoadMEP" project was also implemented. It will lead to the publication of the Group's first ESG Sustainability Report relating to the impact of its activities on the environment and territory (Environmental), including the ethical and social initiatives (Social) deployed by the Company in accordance with its Management and Control model ( Governance).
SA8000 and the Sustainability Report require mutual listening and attention between all the Stakeholders who contribute to the success of MEP's Values: a constant and essential comparison to guarantee a humanitarian and technological, sustainable and harmonious development of our Company!