MEP Calendar 2022 - Iron Art


category: MEP Business School

​​​ “……Iron is a material that has marked and accompanied human life. Therefore, it is overflowed with symbolic and imaginary value, it is impregnated with history, time and both individual and collective memory……Loretta Cappanera
The 2022 MEP CALENDAR is a tribute to Iron Art.Iron Art comes from nature and is a human legacy, back on Time.
Iron travels across the world, molded to build and endure.
Let MEP take you through Poetry its industrial Art of timeless tradition in iron technology.

Rivers, lakes and oceans, forests, clearings and deserts: MEP crosses the whole world, reaching every corner of the planet, even the farthest. It passes through countries, languages and cultures that share nothing at first glance; nothing, except iron: a natural element extracted and wrought to create buildings, roads and bridges: those same infrastructures that unite peoples.
The transformation of iron is indiscriminately unique, peculiar and universal at the same time; it is the maximum expression of human ingenuity, carried out by technology and long-lasting over time.
Our machines bend, cut, and transform iron with respect and quality: a natural and sustainable element that has always been present within the history and culture of mankind. Its trace can be found everywhere and throughout all of history. It is visible, recognizable and representable.
Our technological creations have gone through various times, dealt with different climates, met different colours and cultures in the lands and seas they encountered, travelling with the same strength of the Iron they cut and bend. Much like Iron flows in MEP machines, giving them life and creating the technological masterpiece, it flows in the human blood as well, giving birth to the mystery of Life. Its presence is essential, its colour is red, the same as MEP: a colour that breathes as all creatures on Earth do: Iron and Blood unite us; they make us unique, they make us HUMAN.
Therefore, Iron is Nature, it is Union, but it is also Culture and Time.
Time within MEP is the will to change, to innovate and to evolve, making the processing of Iron more and more refined, thereby offering new manufacturing excellence to the world.
Who better than MEP can grasp its meaning, bringing together long-lived tradition and innovative momentum, Nature and Infrastructure, Productivity and Sustainability?

We celebrate MEP’s Product, lasting through time and space: a virtuous example of care for Work and Environment; a blend of traditional methods and new technologies to enhance and respect Iron: an immutable symbol, a renewed miracle of Nature.

With the 2022 MEP CALENDAR, MEP goes through the key elements of its reality, rearranging, just exhibiting them with a unique and comprehensive work of art. MEP celebrates Sustainability through Technology, Time through Tradition, Iron through Art, which marks its trace through History.

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