On Art_Talks - From Individual to Olistic: the awareness about Change


category: MEP Business School

The COVID19 pandemic threatened the very core of our society and forced us all to face fear and struggle in this mixed-up scenario. Within MEP, there is a strong belief in the primary importance that both Empathy and the value of Individuals as part of an Organisation have had in the past and will have in the future, not only to allow the best resources to express themselves, but to anticipate danger, handle it and transform it into favourable Growth, thereby overcoming global competition.    

Dr. Vito Rotondi talks us through Economic Theory, Philosophy and Art to explain the aftermath of the epidemic that shook the World: the cohesion between Empathy (not to be confused with emotion) and Corporate Governance gives birth to an Ethic, Sustainable, Interior and Existential Development Model, Social and Human for both people and organisations.      

Here is the complete video interview:  https://youtu.be/zrgXjGqOEe8