Speed, precision and reliability


category: Products

- Because it’s embeddable with all the cutting systems manufactured by MEP, assuring an unprecedented modularity.
- Because it’s highly customizable in order to meet any requirements.
- Because it guarantees an unmatched flexibility, making this solution one of a kind.

Capable of handling large figures (up to 40mm) either shaped with multiple folds or calendared with MULTIple RADii, it’s perfectly integrated with the MEP technology ecosystem and allows complex machining operations to be carried out fully automatically, avoiding slow and time-wasting manual steps.

Multiradius combines characteristics only guaranteed by the simultaneous use of several plants in one multifunctional machine, saving space, time and crossing costs.
Speed, precision and reliability are, as always, guaranteed thanks to MEP's multiple patents, scraps are at minimum and the whole process is handled by a single
operator: an innovative technological orchestra at your service!

Multiradius: the plant for tomorrow's factory!