The Lisippo's Project: the MEP Youth Group startup and the new 2021 MEP's calendar presentation


category: MEP Business School

 MEP is thrilled to announce the start of the new year with the launch of an important project, crucial for the definition of the Group's Vision: the Lysippus Project.

 During the official presentation of the new MEP 2021 “IRON SOULS” Calendar, the MEP Youth Group was in fact set up, with the desire to create a synergistic action between Active Participation and Innovative Company Development. To imagine together the MEP of the Future, the first inaugural meeting sanctioned the participation in the project by all young MEP's people under 35 and, with absolute respect to the current regulatory provisions for the containment of COVID-19, it represented a moment of reflection on the message proposed by the new edition of the usual MEP Calendar where Emotions and Technologies meet, attract and create exceptional and strong bonds: iron bonds. Just the MEP 2021 Calendar represents the Future chronologically as Quantitative Time to come (Kronos); MEP Youth Group abide the  Auspicious Time (Kairos), as the winged young man was the subject chosen  by the sculptor Lysippus, who fixed in marble the infinite Possibilities and Opportunities that Time offers to those who know how to grasp it with Determination and Energy, Dream amd Emotions. Lysippus is the language of emotions; true life in the MEP Calendar at a time when the flash of the moment escapes the depth of memory, history, telling, reality itself. The Lysippus project: the beginning of a long and extraordinary path that will fuel the fire of MEP Innovation!

Here it is the video story