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Our new MEP Syntax HS which straightens, shapes and produces stirrups up to a diameter of 16mm in single rod at up to 2m/sec.

Via the recently implemented AFS4 straightening system, it is possible to process steel for a better quality result that is less affected by the materials’ chemical inhomogeneities.
This new system also increases the longevity of individual components by decreasing the wear caused by contact with the machined iron, with the highest efficiency performances.

Another important feature to highlight is the new shear, more compact and with a more curved line, which allows the creation of increasingly complex shapes; meeting the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

Along the reflection of MEP as a Technology Platform comes Syntax HS in the industrial mantra of MEP Technology Solution Provision. Syntax HS is a MEP Top One Shot machine, built on the specific needs of the Technology and Industrial Partners in the evolution of the Planet system which has become a powerful electric-hydraulic hybrid, guaranteeing high performance and longevity in harmony with MEP's continuous technological-sustainable development.