WIRE Düsseldorf 2018


category: Exhibition

During the recent WIRE 2018 international fair in Düsseldorf, the MEP Group stands were characterized by a truly remarkable and significant turnout thanks to the innovative solutions presented by MEP, surely the event marked an important turning point for the global industry of Cut & Bend processing steel reinforcement machines.

Our main focus to MEP attendees was to showcase our many new solutions and innovations introduced as the next generation technology from MEP equipment such as the F 13 BAR, the most innovative stirrup bender on the market that processes rebar from bar, also featured was our Planet 22 Multiradius capable of the most efficient and automated processing of rebar products in single machines.

The MEP team have introduced a business model of opportunities wide open for our customers placing them at the forefront of rebar processing technology. By means of this information tool, we wish to provide more details to those who, for any reason, were unable to visit us during the two exhibitions and those who came to visit us, had the opportunity to see the new machines in operation and may require further information regarding our technology.

We wish to thank all of our visitors, friends and business partners who had effectively contributed to the success of the events in Germany.

We invite you, to our MEP manufacturing facility in Udine Italy near Venice where you can observe our machines in operation as well as get answers to all your technical questions from our skilled technicians.