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COIL ∅4* - ∅13 mm

F13 automatic off-coil stirrups bender is

ideal solution for stirrups, bars, and 3D shapes

Ease of use and high performance

  • The F13 is characterised as the ideal automatic off-coil stirrup bending machine by its ease of use and ability to produce a wide range of products. It allows the production of stirrups, straight or shaped bars with one or more bends on one side, fully automatically.

Flexibility for diverse needs

  • From small and medium-sized stirrups to straightened bars, shaped bars with multiple bends, circles, and spirals, the F13 tackles every production challenge with extreme versatility. Additionally, upon request, it can be equipped with a special device for creating various 3D shapes.

3D Press for complex shapes

The optional 3D Press expands the capabilities of the F13, enabling the creation of traditional 3D shapes using a single bar up to 13 mm in diameter.

AFS 2 system for a safe and efficient process

  • The innovative Anti-Rotation and Straightening System AFS 2 (Advance Feeding System 2) eliminates the need for dangerous manual intervention during the bending phase, ensuring the production of closed stirrups without the bar rotating on its axis.

Universal bending pins for quick production changeovers

  • The F13 is equipped with universal one-piece bending pins that allow for the production of stirrups and circles with a quick fastening system. This system allows for a rapid resumption of production after each diameter change.

Superior quality and unmatched productivity

  • The F13 guarantees superior quality products in a simple and intuitive way. A state-of-the-art drive and control system ensures unmatched hourly productivity levels.

With its ease of use, flexibility, safety, and high productivity, the F13 is the ideal choice for companies seeking a high-performance and reliable off-coil stirrup bender.

* Available as an option



COIL ∅6 - ∅13 mm

• Double wire up to ∅10 mm (#3)

AFS 2 (Advanced Feeding System 2) Generation II

• Universal bending pins

• Electronic control of the straightening unit

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