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Multisystem Bar 3D


BARS ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

MULTISYSTEM BAR 3D and MULTISYSTEM BAR 3D R (Reverse) systems are the highest technological expression in the field of automatic shaping machines, offering cutting-edge solutions for the production of complex elements with 2D and 3D bends.

Key features:

  • Complete automatic shaping: From bar loading to finished product evacuation, the process is carried out without manual intervention, ensuring maximum productivity, precision, and quality.

  • Unmatched shaping flexibility: Produce a wide variety of shapes with 2D and 3D bends, clockwise and counterclockwise, on both ends of the shaped piece, with angles up to ±180°.

  • Millimetric precision: Extremely tight tolerances on side lengths thanks to exclusive devices such as the automatic bar loader with feeder and the translating gripper.

  • High productivity: Simultaneous processing of one or more bars with diameters from 10 to 40 mm and production of shaped elements up to 18 m in length.

  • Automatic pin change: The two 2D shaping units automatically adopt bending pins with a preset radius, optimizing cycle times and safety.

  • Versatile pins: The automatic change device can accommodate up to 10 pins with different bending diameters.

  • Monoblock design: Central and side pins integrated into a single unit for quick and safe tooling.

  • "Virtual pin" function: Create bends with variable curvature radius using a single central pin, ideal for large radius bends.

  • Customizable unloading: Products can be unloaded in different positions along the evacuation bench thanks to the translating gripper.

MULTISYSTEM BAR 3D and MULTISYSTEM BAR 3D R are the ideal choice for shaping complex elements with the utmost precision, flexibility, and productivity.

Multisystem Bar 3D


BARS ∅10 - ∅40 mm (#3 - #14)

• The stirrups from medium to large sized

2D and 3D shaped with one or more bends on both side of the bar with angles up to ±180º (one bend opposite to the other)

• Shapes with 2 different bending radii required in automatic way

• “Patented” Automated bar loader

• Aligning every single bar

• Bar presence detector

1 or 2 bar-load selection

2 shaping units for 2D bends

• Automatic pins change

• Automatic unloading of finished products

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