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The PREFORM C and PREFORM C8 plants offers a complete and versatile solution for precast production, guaranteeing high levels of quality, productivity and flexibility.


  • Universal pre-cage assemblers for automatic welding stirrups with two or three longitudinal wires ("supporting") at programmed distances ("steps").

  • Production of pre-cages of various shapes and sizes with short assembly times and high quality.

  • Versions for 4 to 8 mm bars and 4 to 16 mm stirrups.


  • Fast and precise production process with one operator.

  • Compact and modular configuration to optimise space.

  • Production of fully automatic pre-cages with stirrups and rings of different shapes and sizes.

  • Controlled current welding that preserves the characteristics of steel and reduces energy consumption.

  • Independent programming of welding heads for diameters and clamp positioning.

  • Welding sequence adaptable to available energy.

  • Lateral insertion of the stirrups for easy and safe loading.

  • Superior productivity to machines on the market.

Preform C


• Universal pre-cage assembler: automatically welds stirrups to longitudinal bars.

• Pre-cages of all shapes and sizes: reduces assembly time and improves quality.

• Wire in coils and stirrups: diameter 4-8 mm and 4-16 mm respectively.

• Fast and precise process: one operator for maximum efficiency.

• Compact and modular configuration: optimises space and adapts to requirements.

• Production flexibility: automatic pre-cages in different shapes and sizes.

• Controlled current welding: high performance and energy saving.

• Independent programming of welding heads: precise control.

• Optimised welding sequence: top energy efficiency.

• Lateral insertion of the stirrups: quick and safe loading.

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Preform C8


  • Automatic welding of stirrups on 2-3 longitudinal bars at programmable distances.

  • Different shapes and sizes of pre-cages with short lead times and high quality.

  • For wire in coils from 4 to 8 mm and stirrups from 4 to 16 mm.

  • Fast and precise process with one operator.

  • Compact and modular design to optimise space.

  • Fully automatic pre-cages in different shapes and sizes.

  • Current-controlled welding for quality and energy savings.

  • Reducing set-up times and scrap thanks to patented devices.

  • High levels of quality, productivity and flexibility in pre-cage production.

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