Compactness, Efficiency and Finished-product quality


category: Products

The Key mission of the MEP cage-machine generation: manufacturing cages/piles with diameters ranging from 200 to 2000 mm, up to 24mt in length of any shape, size and needs.

The compact configuration of MEP’s GAM HS makes easier its placement in the production site, thanks to its simplified work cycle that allows an high productivity with just a partial aid from the single operator.
The spiral welding process with continuous wire, by wrapping around the bars arranged longitudinally produces cylindrical, squared, rectangular or polygonal cages of various shapes, forms, heights, depths, lengths and modularity.

The “Conic” feature, furthermore, fabricates conic cages with variable girths in total automation for any desired solid figure and any resulting graphical equation.
The innovative concept of mobile cylinder heads and the bearing bushes at the longitudinal bars enhances the versatility of the shapes with efficient flexibility on the performances of MEP GAM HS.

In brief GAM HS: automate compactness, versatility, efficiency, precision, modularity of immediate productivity and complete industrial service in integral safety.