MBS Events - Presentation of the book "RICOSTRUZIONE" edited by Prof. Ivan Rizzi


category: MEP Business School

During the last #CSR Talk organized by #ANIMAIMPRESA at MEP Business School, the precious text "RECONSTRUCTION" published by the Institute of Advanced Strategic and Political Studies and edited by Prof. Ivan Rizzi was shared.

The issues of Sustainability in doing business are intertwined with the great challenge awaiting all our business communities on the threshold of the necessary recovery after the dramatic period of the pandemic.

In "RECONSTRUCTION", the voices of our industrial realities and their entrepreneurs call to repeat the post-war effort that was one of self-denial, discipline, skills and wise faith in the recovery, when all the starting conditions did not seem favorable and the context even adverse.

Today that History is far from dead, we are called to imagine a Future, apparently denied but, more intimately, that awaits our ability to prepare, imagine, measure what is "not yet".
Today, in a world in which, to the privilege of having, we must be able to add the merit of knowing how to be effective, resilient and sustainable in achieving the results of the "RECONSTRUCTION" to come.