MEP Spa celebrates the 55th Anniversary from the date of its foundation.



Today we celebrate the 55th anniversary of the founding of MEP SpA: it was February 8th, 1966. The goal is today recognized in the memory of its Founder: Remigio Del Fabro; a portrait of him in a vintage photo. Looking at the horizon is a projection into the future, which has been until today, and heralds its tomorrow by evoking it beyond…

A horizon that has been able to imagine, shape and offer to our history, to the successes of MEP, to us all and to the community. A revolutionary idea, intrinsically modeled with the tenacity and resilience of the Territory of which, all of us, are part, where our lives find their own masterpiece of MEP in the daily work: excellence of Friuli and Italy in the World.

Attending to the mission, expressing the vision and promoting the values of MEP, means continuously thanking, fulfilling and exalting the spirit of the Founder in the future.

MEP Business School