METRONIC 16 -1 HS: a jewel of efficiency and dynamism


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METRONIC is a top of range straightener, introduced in 1989, is one of the many examples of the attention we pay to satisfy the brilliant needs of Customers: Our Partner
METRONIC 16 - 1 HS is the advanced measure, the METER of speed at the top of Technology and ElectroNICs using progressed digital control and automation systems.

The devolution system is composed of payoff stations, electronically controlled guiding devices and synchronized with the machine drives.
METRONIC devices are equipped with automatic positioners that adjust in real time according to the geometric and weight variations of the roll even during the unwinding phase.
METRONIC 16 - HS is equipped with a complete double yielding unit, in order to ensure high performance in terms of efficiency, speed and straightening quality.

Innovative in terms of technology and safety is the braking and parking system provided, managed by disc brakes that allow immediate stop even in case of power failure.
The fundamental feature of the MEP METRONIC 16-HS system is such that it guarantees excellent straightening quality in any roll deformation: both tangential and axial through the patented MEP technology.

These technological peculiarities of MEP, alongside many others, allow the METRONIC 16-HS machine capable to work bars up to 16mm at a maximum speed of 4.6 m/s; an authentic scientific jewel of engineering, mechanics, electronics, aesthetics.

MEP, tradition and innovation, Your trusted partner!